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Video Projects

Bad life, good life
Miniatur Esch
3 guys are laughing and doing silly things. Video made with 'Crazy Talk'
My cat follows a mouse in the Alfred Hitchcock way and eats it with relish
Video made with 'Hitfilm' and showing distant nebulae
Miniaturization of my hometown

Video competition 2005 - New Zealand

Video competition 2005 - Croatia

My first air balloon flight

Berlin - Birthday of a Girlfriend
FGDCA video competition 2005

FGDCA video competition 2006

Gift from my friends on my birthday

Ursula celebrates his birthday with all her friends in Berlin

360 Joër Party

Koksijde 2014

400 Joër Party

Party organized by friends for friends. The total of all organizers is 360 years

Adventure time in Koksijde

Party organized by friends for friends. The total of all organizers is 400 years

Cattrip - another way for a cat to use stairs

Cham des Bondons

New Year 2017

Bow Bridge dismanteling

Nîmes le Vieux
Video about a large limestone plateau, twelve kilometers from Florac.

Best wishes for 2017
2017 : Dismanteling of the Bow Brige, a landmark of my city

Holidays in France 2017 - Drone flights

The Grittengoss Family

DDG movie

EbSynth video samples

AI and non AI video renderings
A 3D animation about a bizarre family

Video designed and developed from images generated by Deep Dream generator

Images generated with EbSynth software

Samples of AI and non AI generated videos

Bjintalok - A balloon fairy tale

Halloween 2020

Real video combined to 3D elements and AI renderings for a mystic fairy tale

Halloween 2020

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