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ATG X6 700 part list

Brushless Gimbal FCModel D7

Brushless Gimbal FCModel 123-002

Brushless Gimbal XAircraft CM130-TPS

CG035 'hohem' (VAST) video, software and CG035 user manual

'hohem' (Vast) setup video

and downloadable files

'hohem' (Vast) configuration problems

Ao Sen Ma CG035 user manual

Recover the CG035 firmware (link) :

Need help UNBRICKING my CG035 Main Board by cj7hawk

Thanks to Elio Bruce and Hendrik J Bosman
for this phantastic work

Futaba CIU-2 and SBD-1 manual



Futaba R7008SB receiver manual

Hexacopter Weights

HML 350 Pro auto retractable landing gear

Official Manual
Package Contents
Diagram and Explanations

HML 350 Pro template and 3D file

HML 350 Pro template
HML 350 Pro 3D print file

Tarot T810 - T960 assembly manual

Tarot X6 assembly manual

XAircraft X650 manual

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