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This website is dedicated to all those who love to travel. The photos and movies shown on these pages will help you discover some very special places that I had the opportunity to visit. As my first vocation is making movies, the pictures you can see on these pages were taken spontaneously during my travels. The cameras that I used are devices like compact cameras that do not allow to make great adjustments and achieve significant zoom. However if anyone would be interested in some of these pictures, I'd be happy to send them  to him. Just specify the location of the photo and I will send it by email. In 2014, a new theme of interest appears on my site : multicopters. Indeed, for several years this passion has invaded me. As multicopters market is expanding, nothing more natural than to spend part of my free time to this extremely exciting hobby. So I decided to include on my web page a section dealing exclusively with this topic. You have among others an overview of the various videos posted on Youtube and classified by subject well defined : assembling a multicopter, assembling a camera gimbal, different camera tests, hints, electronic devices, manuals, links and much more. The libraries are continually updated. For any questions, please contact me via my email adress. Questions can also be placed directly on Youtube.

Enjoy my site and good visualization
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